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Where Emotion Meets Memory – Barbera Bashan

The work I do interrupts the on-going physiological trauma response that has become dysfunctional by neutralizing the flight, fight, freeze reaction of the person who has suffered a trauma or emotional injury.

The process provides a rapid shift in the effects of negative experiences. This shift empowers people to have the ability to perceive the triggering event (s) as well as their current events in a renewed awareness and perspective. The process helps clients obtain liberation from maladaptive patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that stems from their triggering event. Clients gain a “right sized” perception of the damaging event(s) with a new clarity and gain inner peace.

They have a healthier understanding of the core issues that have caused so much distress in their lives. This distress typically manifests in how they perceive themselves, how they perceive others, and how they operate in the world.

After working with clients they report feeling a release from the psychological and emotional injury, a renewal of who they are, and a new hope no longer trapped and driven by the past.