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art image of monkey on top of person's head, trauma release is quiets he monkeyNeuGenesis is an incredibly effective treatment modality that can neutralize emotional and physical trauma and provide trauma release. Whether due to brain fog, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, or even PTSD, it is hard to go through life knowing so much more is possible. NeuGenesis can help you recover and discover life: imagine having clarity, right sized responses, and ongoing emotional resiliency!

The work we do interrupts the ongoing physiological trauma response that has become dysfunctional by neutralizing the fight, flight, freeze reaction of the person who has suffered a trauma or emotional injury.

The process provides a rapid shift in the effects of negative experiences. This shift empowers individuals to have the ability to perceive the triggering event(s) as well as their current events in a renewed awareness and perspective. This process helps a person obtain liberation from maladaptive patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that stem from their triggering event. They are then able to gain a “right-sized” perspective of the damaging event(s), a new clarity and inner peace.

They have a healthier understanding of the core issues that have caused so much distress in their lives. This distress typically manifests how they perceive themselves, how they perceive others, and how they operate in their world. As a result, they feel a renewal of who they are—they no longer feel trapped or driven by the past.

NeuGenesis will guide you to be present and aware in the moment. That is what trauma release and reintegration/discovery can do. You can begin to respond with right sized responses and let the past be in the past. You know it happened but you are safe now and you can feel what you feel as a sovereign adult in your present day life.

We invite you to learn more about trauma release via the NeuGenesis method here.