Serving: Family and Individual

Every human has a system for stress response. When stress is chronic or acute due to a variety of life situations or experiences, our bodies automatically respond to the threat. This continual state inhibits the ability to maintain physical and emotional health. The NeuGenesis process targets negative responses to stress and allows individuals to be free from the effects of these responses

Individual Sessions

When scheduling a NeuGenesis session, allow yourself enough time for the session that you will be able to ease yourself into a generous and calm environment. Sessions generally run between 4-6 hours. After the session you will have a post session conversation and the development of an individualized process plan.

This is not a counseling session. This is a process. Wear comfortable clothes, enjoy a light meal before you arrive so you will not be hungry. We will use this time as an investment into yourself and your greatest good.

Children sessions. This process and work with children and adolescence has significant results. Age group of 10 and above

Family Sessions

The NeuGenesis process is very effective in dealing with entire family units. We work with families by meeting with each member individually and then conclude with a group session. This is very beneficial for families experiencing grief, life changing experiences, tragic loss or any circumstances that are affecting the family as a whole.

ZOOM NeuGenesis sessions are available both in person and through Zoom for individuals residing out of the area. An electronic package of documents containing all you need for the session will be sent to you prior to the session time.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We are: private, confidential, and effective. We collaborate with therapists upon referral and disclosure agreement. We encourage attendance at our on-going process groups for aftercare. See aftercare for dates and times and any further information.

Absolutely amazing! It was weird, powerful, emotional, safe, comfortable, enlightening, raw, quick, and efficient. More than I expected! I am so grateful. I can think about my past memories from an outside and more neutral perspective. I can view what happened with certainty rather than self doubt or any colored lenses. I feel more like myself again. My choices and judgments are based on what’s important to me rather than anger, fear, or embarrassment. I also smile again when I see pinecones!


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