How is this different than counseling
or EMDR or other therapies?

The NEUGENESIS process opens the communication between the thinking/cognitive mind and the reactive/autonomic mind in a way that they are each designed and are able to interact with each other creating a cohesive and clear understanding within the individual. It is process orientated in its approach.

Why does it take so long? 

There are four parts to this process, each is important in understanding and working congruently into the next, each step takes time.

What can I expect?

Everyone has their own unique experience but universally overall…feeling calm, in a clear and centered way. The ability to see a bigger picture with a cohesive yet detached perspective that allows new and different choices to be available to you. A greater sense of freedom and neutrality prevails as an internal experience.

Can children benefit from this?

Yes. This work and process with children and adolescence has significant results.

How do I prepare for a session?

We have a preliminary conversation before your session answering any questions, issues and assessing a fit for this work.

  • Sessions run generally 4-7 hours .. A meal previous to your session is advised, so hunger is not an issue.
  • wear comfortable clothes
  • bring water all else is provided

Prepare in advance for after your session?

  • Inform your family and household that you have a need for supportive and and quiet space that day.
  • Plan a nourishing meal that is prepared and available when you get home.
  • Allow yourself a reasonable bedtime. That first night’s sleep is important and vital to your process. The brain continues its reset in your sleep.
  • There will be a follow-up conversation the next day to check in and talk. See the aftercare drop down on the menu for further aftercare instructions.

How many sessions are recommended?

Most find significant shifts within the first session. It is suggested to let these shift and changes continue for a period of time. This completely depends on each individual as to how they process these changes. You will ‘know’ when you have arrived at another layer. It will be very clear to you when you are ready for another session. It is encouraged to call and discuss your readiness in booking another session. You can use this process many times as a tool to heal and clear yourself in a progressive way from trauma, deep held patterns and beliefs that hold you back when you’re ready for that change.

Does this take the place of counseling?

No, It’s encouraged to continue work with your therapist but expect a significant shifting in your awareness and progress. It’s helpful to have their support and direction. We can speak directly to your counselor in regard to your session and progress in a way that feels collaborative and supportive.

Absolutely amazing! It was weird, powerful, emotional, safe, comfortable, enlightening, raw, quick, and efficient. More than I expected! I am so grateful. I can think about my past memories from an outside and more neutral perspective. I can view what happened with certainty rather than self doubt or any colored lenses. I feel more like myself again. My choices and judgments are based on what’s important to me rather than anger, fear, or embarrassment. I also smile again when I see pinecones!


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