Our Team and Culture

Jenn Siegel

Jenn Siegel

STAR Practitioner

Jenn started her training in the STAR modality in early 2016, and is a senior practitioner. She had taken numerous professional trainings on issues of trauma, PTSD, and dissociation. She has completed over 500 hours in STAR training and continues her education and training as often as is available. She is a graduate of the University of New Mexico—Albuquerque where she completed a B.F.A. in ceramic sculpture and minored in gender studies, art history, and psychology. She is a natural addition to our team with her 13 years of experience in wide areas of healing.

Jenn has a solid background in psychosocial rehabilitation. In the early 2000s she worked as a juvenile corrections technician for inpatient adolescent boys in Southern Idaho. She modeled and taught social skills and stress relief techniques through art therapy and athletic team building exercises. Later from 2011-2013 she went on to help adults and children in recovery from severe and persistent mental illness develop communication, social, and problem solving skills as a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist in the Treasure Valley.

She has participated in eleven years of ongoing women’s circles focused on nonviolent communication and mindfulness meditation. She currently leads workshops covering topics ranging from learning radical consent, identifying rape culture, developing community response, nonviolent communication, and compassionate self inquiry.

With fifteen years of experience in creativity and healing through the arts, Jenn has taught women’s mosaic workshops, trained others in production pottery, and led inter-generational workshops on glazing and firing ceramic tiles for a public art installation. She spent one year collaborating with hospice workers in Albuquerque to create a showcase, The Art of Living and Dying: music, dance, and artwork based on interviews and research with hospice patients. In Boise, along with two other women she developed and co-created a year-long intergenerational women’s art collective, The Embodiment Project.

Jenn brings an intuitive sense to her work where she quickly understands where clients are in their discovery process. She is passionate about helping others and guides individuals through the STAR steps with tremendous compassion. When Jenn is not in session with clients, she is welding sculptures in the shop or hiking and snowboarding in the wilds of Idaho.

Barbera Bashan

Barbera Bashan

Founder/Executive Director

Barbera’s career in the healing arts began over 40 years ago, in 1975, in her studies at Boise State University as a Respiratory Therapist. Her current approach to body, mind and spirit was sparked as she began studying the medical, physiological, and chemical systems of the body with her patients in neonatal and palliative care at St Alphonsus, St Lukes, and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Boise, Idaho.

Working with this population, it became clear to Barbera that the holistic approach to healing was her true calling. This prompted her to begin her path in healing arts at the Idaho School of Massage in 1980. She ran a full and successful private practice for 36 years.

In 1990 she co-founded the Idaho Institute of Holistic Studies, helping to create a 500 hour graduate program within a nationally certified massage training school. She continued as director, teacher, and administrator for 10 years.

In 2007 Barbera began studying STAR. She found this unique method to be profoundly effective in helping clients release lifetime trauma.

Through 10 years of intensive practice and ongoing education Barbera created her highly effective approach to Life Recovery. This healing modality for trauma has been utilized as a new approach in Drug and Alcohol Addiction treatment with significant results in the recovery process.

Her medical knowledge, deep understanding of the mind/body connection, and how trauma effects the brain, the limbic system, and all parts of the human system has led her to create a session that can assist an individual in significant shifts in health and well being. Her holistic perspective helps her establish a working relationship with each and every client because she understands that every human has the capacity, strength, and ability to heal.

Barbera’s other passions include being an artist, an accomplished cellist, and a mother of three girls. She enjoys living in the intermountain west where she has been an avid white water enthusiast for over 30 years.