The Spirituality of Addiction by Maria Mooney

No amount of wealth, beauty, fame, power, knowledge, achievement or success can replace the satisfaction and fulfillment that exist when we feel connected to something greater than us. A regular spiritual practice allows us to find meaning and purpose in our lives as we travel down the sometimes windy and bumpy road we call “life” and can be a powerful tool in recovery from any condition.

I can feel a complete difference in my brain chemistry and have noticed I process things more rationally. My old memories seem distant, as if properly put to bed. Significantly I am better able to react and process things in my life. I am able to get myself organized. Pieces of my puzzles have begun falling into place. I am less likely to get triggered and I feel a physical ease of pressure in the front part of my head. I can tell there was a shift. I feel a lot of my old self coming back: more collected and positive. I would absolutely 100% do another session!

Emily L.

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