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We offer a remarkable cutting-edge modality to support and enhance your existing program. The foundation of addiction is trauma-based. With this understanding, we work one on one with clients to neutralize the stress and trauma loop, rendering the individual calm and clear, able to be present, and to be actively engaged in their recovery. they are no longer being driven by trauma induced behaviors.

It is imperative that we work alongside both staff and clients, ensuring that therapists have a clear understanding of the process themselves and an educated informed point of reference. When staff are actively engaged, they can bridge that understanding with their clients This is also an added benefit to your staff for their own health and well being.

On Site 5 Day Intensives 

Minimumof 5 days working with clients

  • 1st Day: Introduction to staff and clients participating
  • 2 Sessions/day/3 hr. minimum each session
  • Last Day includes process group for all involved
  • Recommended 6 week on-site rotation

Fees for Services

  • $1,000/day
  • Air, lodging, car (separate charges)

NeuGenesis has been an immense guide for me in opening up my heart, body and mind. My sessions with Barbera were unique and brought me back into the present to focus on what was happening to my world and myself in the moment. I was able to process heartbreak and abuse I had been hung up on for well over two years. Unspoken pain suddenly had words and expression and I am finally able to move forward.

I have found my world exploding outwards. All of my old patterns of behaviors with partners, friends, and others have all changed because I can now see myself as I am. I can decide how I want to respond versus reacting without control. I still struggle at times but have found myself changed and far happier than I have ever been. My NeuGenesis session with Barbera gave me perspective and the opportunity to choose who I wanted to be so that I am no longer defined by my past. I cannot thank her enough for this gift.

Morgan M.

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