What is NeuGenesis Δ?

Releasing Trauma and guiding you to be present and aware in the moment.

What is NeuGenesis Δ?

NeuGenesis Δ is a brain-based method that targets the negative physical and emotional effects of chronic and/or acute stress and trauma. It allows affected individuals to reclaim control over their lives and achieve a harmonious state of being.

Today, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is most often associated with combat veterans. However, many difficult experiences can result in long-lasting stress. Examples include natural disasters, transportation accidents, unwanted sexual experiences and violence. Regardless of the source of stress, such events make individuals vulnerable to negative health outcomes.

Some behaviors that can result from traumatic experiences include: being unable to sleep well or concentrate, experiencing physical reactions (e.g., sweating, difficulty breathing) when reminded of the negative experience, feelings of reliving the event, persistent anxiety, and the loss of joy in life.

These behaviors are tied to changes in the brain’s response to trauma. A healthy “fight or flight” response is an innate and important tool for survival. However, in individuals exposed to extreme stress or trauma, this natural, protective brain response fails. Neuroscientists show that this is related to fewer connections between brain areas important for adaptive behavior, including regions associated with emotional regulation, motivation and memories.

Researchers and clinicians are increasingly turning to device-based treatments like deep brain stimulation (DBS) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to change brain patterns in trauma patients. NeuGenesis therapy also targets this impaired neural circuitry, but without using hardware. The mechanism of action such treatments bring is unclear, but the outcomes of NeuGenesis therapy are overwhelmingly positive.

Clients consistently report that they can move on, and let go of past experiences that used to control their thoughts and actions. Even those who cannot put a finger on the exact source of their stress recover energy, clarity, and harmony in their lives.

How NeuGenesis Δ Works

  1. Our trauma consultants work directly with you one-on-one to identify, define and neutralize your traumatic experiences.
  2. This innovative process helps return the areas of an individual’s brain that are recruited to respond to the threat, to homeostasis, resulting in renewed clarity and calm.
  3. Healing begins as your body shifts and releases the hormones and chemicals activated by trauma. You are able to change behaviors and feelings of reaction to response.

My session was peaceful, non invasive and unthreatening. I felt very safe and I understood the explanation of the process and how it works. I felt neutrality towards the steps taken. This experience has made a difference in my life: I am able to speak face to face with my ex-husband and create healthy boundaries. I have expansive freedom in my head during and since that discussion. I would absolutely have another session! Two of my deepest stories have been freed: making me aware of some other stories that aren’t working for me. I am free of internal chatter that used to keep my mind enslaved and my nerves frayed!

Angela L.

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